The Benefits of Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

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A dental bridge is a row of artificial teeth that replace missing, damaged, or severely decayed teeth. A traditional bridge attaches via crowns to the teeth on either side of the gap. An implant-supported bridge attaches to dental implants on each end. 

Implant-supported bridges have many benefits. When two or more adjacent teeth need to be replaced, this is often the recommended option. Here’s why you should consider an implant-supported bridge for your restoration. 


An implant-supported bridge is the most stable type of bridge. Once dental implants are placed in the jaw and fuse sufficiently with the bone, the bond is very strong. The crowns on each end of the bridge attach to the implants with one or more artificial teeth suspended between them. A bridge is one solid piece anchored by the implants. 

No Damage to Your Healthy Teeth

Unlike a traditional bridge, an implant-supported bridge won’t damage your healthy teeth. A traditional bridge requires the teeth on either side of the gap to be reduced and covered with crowns. The healthy enamel that is removed for the crown fitting is gone forever. A traditional bridge provides a stable hold for a while, but pressure on the bridge from chewing can eventually cause damage to the existing teeth covered by the crowns. An implant-supported bridge won’t affect your healthy teeth in any negative way. 

Preserve Bone Structure in the Jaw

When a tooth is lost or removed, the support structure for that tooth weakens and eventually dissolves, including a portion of the jaw bone. Multiple missing teeth that are not replaced can result in a rather large weak spot in the jaw. A traditional bridge does not prevent this bone loss from occurring. But when dental implants are placed in the jaw bone it preserves the structure of the bone and prevents it from deteriorating. Just two dental implants can fortify a significant amount of bone. 

Costs Less Than Additional Implants

You always have the option to replace all of your missing or hopeless teeth with dental implants. However, each dental implant comes at a significant cost. You can save money by getting just two implants to support a bridge that can replace a whole row of teeth rather than 3 or more dental implants. 

Lasts a Long Time

Dental implants, once they fuse with the bone, can last for a lifetime. The bridge can last for as long as 20 years, but may need to be replaced sooner due to wear. The bridge can be replaced without having to replace the implants. A new bridge can be easily attached to the existing implants. 

Improve and Maintain Dental Health

An implant-supported bridge can significantly improve your current dental health. By removing teeth that are decayed or damaged and replacing them with a bridge, you give your mouth the chance to heal while regaining the function of your teeth. You can eliminate gum disease and prevent other teeth from decaying or loosening. The bridge also helps you maintain your dental health for the long term. 

Prevent Orthodontic Issues 

When there is a gap in your mouth from one or more missing teeth, the other teeth can shift out of place and into the gap, causing orthodontic issues. Replacing missing teeth with an implant-supported bridge keeps your teeth in the correct position in your mouth. 

Improve Your Smile

Missing teeth can affect your appearance. If you’re unhappy with your smile due to missing teeth, an implant-supported bridge can restore your teeth so that you can smile with confidence throughout your daily interactions. 

Emerson Dental Provides Dental Bridge Restorations

If you need to have one or more teeth replaced, a dental bridge is a viable solution. An implant-supported bridge has many benefits and is one of the best options for tooth replacement. Emerson Dental provides a wide range of tooth replacement options so that you can find a solution that meets your needs. 
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