Patient Loyalty Program

No Dental Insurance?

We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, high-quality dental care. Our very own loyalty program enables you to make low monthly payments for preventative care in return for your commitment to remain a loyal patient.

10% Discount on all restorative, basic and major services

15% Senior Discount on all restorative, basic and major services (10% program discount + 5% senior discount)

Affordable monthly payments

Loyalty Program Options

Becoming a member of our Patient Loyalty program is easy! If you don’t have dental insurance, all you have to do is contact our office and inform us that you are interested in signing up or learning more about our Patient Loyalty program. We will then proceed to help you choose which plan is best for you and your family. Once you choose the option that’s right for you, you will be billed annually and have immediate access to your benefits.