young girl in exam chair with dentist holding model of teeth

Is Thumb Sucking Normal?

Team Pediatric Dentistry

If your child has a thumb sucking habit, it probably started before they were even born—you might even have an ultrasound image of them with a thumb in their mouth! You probably didn’t give it …

blurry image of woman holding jaw in pain

TMJ Treatment: What Are My Options?

Team TMJ

Both sides of your jaw are attached to your skull by your temporomandibular joints. When you open or close your mouth, these joints, also known as TMJ, serve as a sliding hinge. Despite the fact …

smiling older woman with short grey hair sitting in dental exam chair

4 Signs of Gum Disease

Team Gum Disease

Your oral health involves more than just the condition of your teeth. Your gums are equally important—maybe even moreso! Gum disease can cause serious problems not only in the mouth, but also elsewhere in the …